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Hailing from Groton, Connecticut

Steve Daggett is an Native American singer/songwriter who got his start singing at a young age.  He always  found a way to the stage at family and community functions and went on to become a popular name in his community as a country singer while performing at local Karaoke venues.


Fast forward to recent years - Steve has shared some of the biggest stages in the music industry and more than anything, enjoys performing for his fans around the country.


In 2011 Steve made his mark in NYC trying out for NBC’s The Voice at The Javitts Center.  It is at that audition that he met agent Desiree V. Delgado who guided Steve's EP release, "End of the Street" in July of 2015.  After he received steady air time on country radio, Steve has made countless appearances on country radio networks such as NashIcon and CBS Radio.  


His current album Late Night Tennessee,“ features collaborations with hit Nashville writer and Producer Michael Rogers, who is credited with Craig Morgan’s smash hit "Bonfire!"

"Would You Be Mine" a duet featuring Sydney Perry;  back up singer for Carrie Underwood is the first release and currently Steve's most downloaded single to date.   

2023 brings Steve and the band back to the road, on tour in support of his current album and to get back to doing what they love to do best!